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AMF Panel
Synchronizing Panel
Race Ways
Cable Tray
Bus-Duct and Rising Main
Control and Relay Panel
Control Desk Panel
Distribution Board
Feeder Pillar
Motor Control Center
Marshaling Panel
Meter Box
Power Control Center
PLC Panel
Power Factor Correction Capacitor Panel
Synchronizing Panel
Installation and Commissioning of Electrical System.
Installation and Commissioning of HT & LT distribution & power transformers.
Installation and Commissioning of P.C.C. with double bus bar system.
Installation and Commissioning of bus duct for transformers and alternators.
Installation and Commissioning of various panels like M.C.C., Capacitor Control Panel etc.
Formation of earth grid to provide good Earthing to electrical equipments and Static Earthing of tanks and vessels.
Electric installation in flameproof, highly corrosive and hazardous area.
Installation and Commissioning of Instrument and Process Control System.
Installation and commissioning of instrument control panel with mimic, Annunciator.
Installation and commissioning of various open loop and closed loop system for Parameters like level, Temperature, Pressure & Vacuum etc.
Installation of various instruments.



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